First Fridays

Ever been to Abbot Kinney on the first Friday of the month? Well I highly recommend going to down to Santa Monica and checking out it. It’s a super cool experience like none other I’ve had before. I’m going to lay out some steps for you if you get the chance to hit it. Yes I’ve been there only one time. Yes I am an expert at it now. Yes if you french fry when you’re suppose to pizza you’re not gonna have a good time.

Step 1 – Get some friends. Not just any old friends, get some good ol friends. Round up the troops and drive to SM. (Hopefully one friend lives in SM and you can park there)

Step 2 – Take an Uber there down to Abbot Kinney. Don’t be cheap LA is all about appearances so call that Uber Black.

Step 3 – Be hungry but not starving. First Fridays is basically a huge block party where the streets are lined with food trucks. The reason I say be hungry is because most of these food trucks are so delicious you have no choice but to try. However there is a downside. The lines are FUCKING LONG. What I was told from a *Unicorn Child* was to see what looks good from the name of the truck and hop in line, you’ll see whats on the menu once you get up closer.

I got this fried chicken sandwich that came on a waffle with this bbq/maple syrup sauce. So bomb. It had cheddar and I want to say an egg on it too but I can’t remember. Update there was an egg, I just remembered.

Step 4 – While in line quickly read the menu, order, and a huge move is grabbing napkins after you order. They’re scarce so you might have to scavenge for some but once you find a stack grab em.

Ironically I got napkins from a New England Clam Chowder truck…. Didn’t even bat an eye at those phony’s. Grabbed their napkins and took off.

Step 5 – Go to The Brig and or any of the other cool bars around. I say the Brig because some food trucks are located in their parking lot.

Step 6 – Get drunk

Step 7 – Go to Salt and Straw. Get any of their ice cream flavors and don’t forget to get cookies. Save cheat day for first Friday, it’s well worth it.

Step 8 – Still drunk

Step 9 – Walk down the streets, meet people, enjoy the music….. oh ya the music theres live bands all over!

Overall its a super fun time. It’s every first Friday if I haven’t said that enough yet and if you hate it you never have to go back. Sorry no pictures I was too wrapped up in it all to take one. I did end up at the shittiest strip club imaginable later called “The Wet Spot” I politley refused a lap dance and the stripper who was 18… told me “have fun being alone” lmfao.  Thats that!

*Unicorn ChildA person born and raised in Santa Monica. 



Point Dume

“I think I wanna jump off a cliff or something!”

Well first of all I should tell you I really wanted to jump off a cliff. I heard about some rocks you can jump off of into some nasty water in Malibu. After being told that was the most basic bitch thing they’ve ever heard I agreed to be taken Point Dume. I thought it was Point DOOM… so in my head I’m thinking this is going to be a dope cliff to jump off of. Not exactly. So we park the car in a spot that we’re probably not allowed to and set out on this voyage. \As I’m walking I hear what sounds like seals or sea otters or sea lions. (I can’t tell the difference between those) Never in a million years did I think I was going to look over this cliff and see them playing in the water. Of course I need to be a kid and hop over the chain that stays stay on the trail. So I’m walking and all of a sudden I reach the edge of the cliff. Wow what a view. It was a gloomy day so I probably mistook smog for fog but it was beautiful regardless. I’ve seen the ocean before but ohhh boy believe me this view really got me going.


Then I ate the most delicious shrimp tacos on this side of the Mississippi at The Reel In. Wasn’t the first time I had them but it had been far too long. I’d recommend you should try it but I think it’s extremely popular and I’d like fewer people to go so I can act like I found this hidden gem. Twas a VERY fun day.

Oh two more things. I went to the local mall the previous day and was blown away.

  • Juicy track suits are back in style..apparently
  • They had a car dealership in this bananaland mall.

I’ll let you be the judge of which is more absurd.

Stephen Hawking & Girl Scout Cookies

IMG_4470.JPGA couple of nights ago I was laying in bed and felt totally alone for the first time since I moved here. The California culture is so different from what I’m used to back home. Most people you meet want to flex. Generally you hear three common phrases sounding along the lines of this “I work here for so and so – I have a friend who can get you in – You should meet this person.” Usually when you hear people talking like that you instinctively think, hey sick brag get out of my face. However it seems to be legit so far. It’s been constant hook-ups and connections daily. Going out on a weekend is like one big business meeting. People are connecting more on Linkedin than they are on Tinder at the bar. I’m not sure which one has a better success rate for meeting women but If I was a betting man id say they’re close. Anyway point being that you do make friends here quickly but it’s a different type of friend from who you grew up with. You know when you hang around different groups of friends and you find yourself acting sort of differently to each group. Without those groups you’re forced to just be you. I’ve learned more about myself in 1/10th of the time that I would’ve of at home.

Now that I’m done venting let me tell you about my week. Mostly have been job searching but I did manage to have some fun. On the job search I ended up at The Grove which is an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants, a theatre, stores ect. But the coolest part of this was from the floor I parked in the garage I could see over the fence to the CBS lot. So I got to see some filming going on. Not sure what was shooting but definitely cool to see the sets and the trailers and the jerks grabbing the bigger jerks whatever they want.

Some friends from home are visiting so we got to hang with them and be idiots on Rodeo Drive. It’s fun seeing familiar faces in a foreign place. A California first came later that night though! I’ve been eating very green since my arrival with all the kale and spinach and avocados but was about to legally further my horizons you could say. Stories and song lyrics hold up to be true. So smooth and so strong. By no means to I avidly indulge but whats California without it. The smoggy air probably comes from this gas not actually fossil fuels. If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about by now, you’ve probably had too much 😛


Remember that Eagles song Hotel California? Found it.

I’ve been seeing a lot of homeless people when I drive lately. Don’t get me wrong everyone knows the streets of Hollywood are littered with broken dreams and failed career’s but still there are A LOT of homeless people. Point being, I don’t know if that’s foreshadowing or motivation to not be broke. Still no current income but if I learned one thing from Ray Liotta in Blow it’s “money isn’t real.” Right Georgie?


Things got a tad bit wild yesterday. I woke up, screwed up a bunch of stuff with my banks, then shot down to Santa Monica to meet my old acquaintance / new friend Matty. Today’s the day we become kings of the ocean, Broseidons’ if you will. We did some research and found this surf shop close by with a total Cali bro running it. He was wearing tong sandals with jeans, a tank top, and a shark tooth necklace. Dirty blonde hair down to his shoulders oozing with this “I’ve been surfing these waters for 50 years” presence. This guy was electric; he could have sold me anything in the store with one hair flip. Anyway we rented surf boards. I didn’t rent a wetsuit but would recommend renting one next time if you go. Water temperature varies but the surfboard starts to feel like sandpaper shredding your chest and arms. Or maybe I’m being a kook. I assaulted that mo’fuckin ocean though, so check that off the bucket list ✔️

What happened next was absolutely bananas. After going 12 rounds with the ocean we were drained, dead, and hungry. We walked back to the shop to return the boards and sit down at this plastic picnic table next door to the shop. Scrolling through Instagram something strange happened. A foreign scent had entered my nose. But my sense’s are familiar with this smell. The ever so sweet pizza aroma? No. It can’t be. Not here. I picked my head up and a waitress walks out with two menus to Bruno’s Italian Restaurant. I told you this story was bananas but wait it gets better. 15 minutes later a BEAUTIFUL pizza comes out and guess what. It was good. I haven’t decided if it was actually really good yet or just really good because I haven’t had a decent piece in a while. You bet we ate that entire pie, no fucks given. Bruno’s pizza in Santa Monica you heard it here first.

I spent the rest of the night on main street in an old Victorian mansion that was converted into a bar. The drinks were strong, the music was good, and people were nice. What’s nice about main street is when everything closes around 1:30am – 2:00am the streets are lined with food trucks. Maybe ill just convert this into a food blog. Pay me to eat and then talk about it on the internet. That’s the dream.


23 Days into California (Part 2)


Before the sunset, I was driving a car onto a ferry for a 2 minute ride to Balboa Island. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect. Sort of a Jersey Shore/Coney Island vibe due to the sand, restaurants, arcades, bike riding, and children running wild. I grew hungry (what else is new) and set out on a hunt for chicken fingers. After coming up empty-handed I ordered the most similar thing I could find- fish n chips. This was on May 4th. I remember the date so clearly because I did two things I had never done before: 1- I wrote and mailed a post card back home to Boston, 2- I stamped time by writing on a one hundred dollar bill and tacked it to the restaurant wall. I have a contractual agreement to return to that same spot exactly one year from when it was posted. So if you’re still here in a year you have that to look forward to. IF THAT DOLLAR ISN’T THERE SO HELP ME GOD.


Enter a caption

I plan to surf SM very soon regardless of this shark (fake news) epidemic. I tried to wait until I surfed to step into the Pacific but I got antsy and ended up dipping a foot in Laguna. California so far is amazing. Not only am I taking more pictures with an Instagram game on the come up, but I’m also becoming much more aware of taking in memories. Sort of going broke too so I’ll be sure to keep you updated with my money situation. No job yet but it’s so close I can taste it.


PS. I’m draped in excitement regardless of what my face says in the photo.

PSS. Yes that is a Balboa sweatshirt that I currently live in.

23 Days into California

Choked up, stuttered sentences accompanied by few tears shed at the terminal. I boarded a flight, headphones in to drown out silence, I walked through the aisle. 6 hours I flew through the sky while everyone I knew was falling asleep. At 21 years old, I left Boston to pursue a dream. I’m not even sure if I’m in it for the dream or just the adventure. Regardless I was on my way. I arrived in the golden state late at night. I was picked up by my dear friend Zach who I already owe so much to. Every billboard and flashing light we drove by reassured me what I was coming here for. A quick stop for an “In-n-Out Burger” on the way to my temporary residence. I was home, physically and mentally. Being this far away from family by choice is still extremely tough but… I actually don’t have a but to that statement yet, I just know we talk everyday and time passes. They say “Home is where the heart is” and “Distance makes the heart grow founder” so not sure where that leaves me but they say it. 

Fast forward past the “Hello”s and the “How’s it feel”s and you’ll find me sitting on a cliff at what seems to be the edge of the Earth. That’s Earth not to be confused with Urth. I took a trip south to the OC to visit Chapman University. Lovely school but I don’t think I’m re-enrolling anytime soon. After piers, islands, beaches, ferries, I found myself in Corona Del Mar where I sat and watched the sunset. Never watched the sun set before and not sure I will because it’d be tough to top that. I swear any closer and the sun would have set that whole town ablaze. Oh Corona Del Mar how you are so part of the big plan.

Just the story so far.